Photinia beauverdiana - Christmas Berry

  • The Photinia beauverdiana is an easy to grow, ornamental shrub or small tree that within 10 years can reach to the height of 3x2m. The shrub originates from China and is known to look great on the patio or placed in a border.

  • In the Spring, fresh bronze coloured leaves appear and slowly change to a dark green during June time. The leaves create a perfect contrasted backdrop for the scented, creamy flowers that bloom. Throughout Autumn, masses of red and orange fruits develop covering every branch top and when combined with its vibrant orange coloured foliage it creates a stunning display. Even after the leaves have fallen, the fruits remain on the plant long after.

  • The Photinia beauverdiana is fully hardy. It is drought tolerant and can survive in temperatures as low as -25c. The plant is best positioned where it will receive full sunlight or partial shade.

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