Picrasma quassioides - India Quassia

  • The Picrasma quassioides is a rarely offered, small deciduous tree originating from the Far East. It is easy to grow and with its maximum size roughly 5m x 3m it is great for those with a smaller garden.

  • In mid-late Spring, small yellow flowers bloom. During Autumn, the Picrasma quassioides becomes incredibly ornamental. The pinnate foliage turns scarlet and orange, contrasting beautifully against the dark grey bark and its metallic blue pea-sized fruits.

  • In native countries, the tree’s sap is known to have multiple uses. In organic farming, the sap can be used as a pest repellent and some sources say that quassin extracted from the trees wood can be used in brewing beer as a hop substitute.

  • It is a frost hardy plant, resistant to temperatures as low as -15c and somewhat drought tolerant. Full sun and slightly acidic soil are best for its optimal growth and flowering.

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