Pinus pinea - Stone Pine, Umbrella Pine

  • A very picturesque tree, often seen on postcards from the Mediterranean. It is also known as the Umbrella Pine after its umbrella-shaped, wide crown. It has large cones, used in decoration and the seeds are a major source of pine nuts in commerce. It grows best in a light, well-drained sandy or gravelly loam, even on chalk but dislikes poorly drained soils and shady positions. It has very good drought tolerance and succeeds in poorly dry sandy soils and also tolerates maritime exposure. Hardy to -15--18C and thrives well in the UK as far north as South Scotland. Also makes an unusual bonsai.

 Also known as:  Umbrella Pine
 Native to:  S-Europe, around the Mediterranean Sea
 Habit (UK conditions): Evergreen large tree
 Max size in 10 years (UK conditions):  6 x 4m
 Main value: Shape of crown, seeds and cones
 Flowers are:  Yellowish (has limited ornamental value)
 Flowering period: March
 Autumn coloration:  (evergreen)
 Preferences:  Full sun or shade, fertile soil with good drainage
 Hardiness:  Fully hardy in most of the UK and West and South Europe
 Known hazards:  Wood or sawdust can cause dermatitis in sensitive people
 Edible uses:   Seeds are edible raw or cooked, it makes a delicious snack

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