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Pterostyrax hispida – Fragrant Epaulette Tree

  • The Pterostyrax hispida is a remarkable sight when in full bloom, this Fragrant Epaulette Tree is often just a large shrub and barely grows into a tree, often multi-trunked and spreading. Strong scented flowers develop in long, drooping pendulous clusters in early Summer when there are fewer flowering trees and shrubs are around. Flowers hang from one side and resemble the epaulettes found on some military uniforms – hence its common name. The grey-brown aromatic bark has a pattern of grooves and flakes off in platelets. The twigs start out hairy but are later bare. The large, ovoid to oval leaves are tapered with different green colours on both sides. The fruits appear very hairy, hanging drupes, that persist into Winter, providing ornamental interest.

  • We have excellent quality, 15-20cm tall plants on offer.

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