Quercus coccifera - Kermes Oak

  • The seeds of these plants are from a very spiny tree and therefore they have very spiny leaves. 1 plant (1 year old) in 7x7cm pot, freshly potted into our special compost mix with slow release plant food, strong root system in an injection moulded, strong, reusable plastic pot which won't break during shipping and afterwards pot is covered with special media to the very top and then wrapped therefore compost is securely locked during postage and roots won't be disturbed, this layer also keeps moisture longer in the pot plant height is 8-10cm, as seen on photographs (similar) you will also receive our special GROWING KIT with: slow release plant food (for 6 months) for the next growing season (no need of extra food this year) a plant holder stick to keep the stem upright and a zip tie to attach the stem to the stick full growing instructions including the application of the food other info: seeds were sown in Nov 2015 seeds are from France, mother plant grows on alkaline soil plants were grown in unheated greenhouse with temperature (in December 2010) reached as low as -7 C.

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