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Rhodotypos scandens – Black Jetbead

  • Rhodotypos scandens is Native to China and Japan, this multistemmed open-branched, mounding, deciduous shrub is usually wider than its height (1-1.5m). The decorative, ovate, serrate leaves sprout early in spring and are light green giving a bright appearance, even in shade. The 4-petaled, and relatively large (5-6cm), pure white flowers appear in large numbers in late spring to early summer and give way to glossy, jet black, bead-like berries in groups of 3-4 which mature in autumn and persist throughout the winter. The Black Jetbead autumn colour is sometimes not significant, but it can turn a spectacular light yellow and almost white colour, before the leaves fall. Very easy to grow on many soil types. It is insensitive to light level and makes a good shade plant, but can also be grown in a pot plant on the patio. Fully hardy.

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