Robinia hispida - Rose Acacia

  • A rarely offered, deciduous shrub or small tree that has pinnate leaves and begins to flower at a young age. The stems are covered with soft bristles.

  • From May-June, racemes of beautiful pink, pea-like flowers are in bloom. The clusters of flowers attract the butterflies and bees due to them giving off a sweet fragrance. In warm summers, purple seedpods appear which are quite interesting looking, adding an ornamental value to the shrub.

  • For optimum growth, the shrub prefers to be positioned in full sun and in moderately fertile but well drained soil. It flowers particularly well when grown against a sunny, warm wall and sheltered from strong winds.

          Excellent quality, 10-15cm tall plant in an 8cm square pot.


  • Other common names: Bristly Locust, Moss Locust

  • Native to: US, sometimes invasive

  • Family: Fabaceae (Pea Family)

  • Habit (UK conditions): erect, deciduous shrub

  • Max. size in 10 years: 4m x 3m

  • Main value: pink, pea-like, fragrant flowers

  • Flower colour: rose-pink

  • Flowering period: May-June

  • Autumn coloration: yellow but not too significant

  • Preferences: wide range of soils, full sun of half shade (tolerates poor soils)

  • Hardiness: fully hardy in the UK and most of Europe  


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