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Rock Garden, Small Flowering Shrub Collection

  • We have carefully curated a collection of our small flowering shrubs which would make ideal additions to a rock garden.  

  • The Rock Garden, Small Flowering Shrub Collection contains one of each plant in either an 8cm or 9cm pot.

  • Staphylea pinnata - Common Bladdernut (10-15cm tall): A small shrub with coconut scented, white flowers in May, followed by fluffy fruit pods (hence the name).  At first the fruit pods have a purple hue which then gradually fades to a hay, brown colour in the Autumn. The Common Bladdernut is easy to grow (even in a pot), drought tolerant and it won't grow bigger than 2m in height.

  • Myrtus communis - Common Myrtle (10-15cm tall): A prestigious, AGM (Award of Garden Merit) evergreen shrub that produces masses of white, fluffy flowers which cover its arched branches in the spring. Dark magenta, elongated berries full of herbal, resinous flavour appear in the autumn. The fruits can be used similar to that of the juniper berry to spice various foods, jellies, and drinks. The Common Myrtle can make a splendid low hedge and will grow very well even when placed in a pot or planter (if positioned in full sun).  It tolerates some maritime exposure. It has an exotic effect. 

  • Sarcococca confusa - White Christmas Box (6-8cm tall): A lovely evergreen shrub with dark green leaves (also known as the Sweet Box). This plant produces delicate flowers between December and February that have a powerful honey-like fragrance. The heady perfume carries some distance so it is very welcoming in the drab days of winter. The White Christmas Box are easy to grow due to a number of factors; they are somewhat drought tolerant, fairly low growing at 60cm and they even make good shrubs for patio pots where the fragrance can be enjoyed. They are also superb as specimen plants, ground cover or low hedges when established (they can be pruned).


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