Sophora prostrata - Dwarf Kowhai

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  • Sophora prostrata is a small, evergreen shrub originating from New Zealand. It is a slow growing plant, eventually reaching to 60cm x 40cm. This shrub makes a great patio plant or bonsai meaning it is perfect for the smallest of gardens.

  • The plant has zig-zag branching, yellow stems and exfoliating bark. In the late Spring, large pea-like flowers of a brownish yellow to orange are produced and borne either in clusters of 2-3 or singly. After flowering, long narrow beans appear on the shrub.

  • During the Winter, the plant receives great interest after the foliage has dropped off as it reveals its quirky branches and stems.

  • It is an easy to grow, fully hardy shrub. It is resistant to temperatures as low as -20c as well as being somewhat drought tolerant. Full sun with moderate watering is best for its optimal growth and flowering.

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