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Triple Quince Collection

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  • Cydonia oblonga - Common Quince (10-15cm tall) A deciduous tree grows at an average rate and can reach up to 24ft in height. Cydonia oblonga blooms during mid-late Spring, the soft pink and white flowers can grow to 4-cm and are known to have a sweet fragrance. During Autumn, the Common Quince produces ornamental fruit (roughly 10cm by 9cm) which look very similar to yellow pears. The fruit is strongly aromatic and has a firm but slightly gritty flesh. It is edible and mainly used in jams and jellies. The tree during this season becomes a beautiful addition to the garden with the orange, red and yellow foliage contrasting against the golden-yellow fruits.

  • Pseudocydonia sinensis - Chinese Mango Quince (40-60cm tall) A rarely offered, spreading, deciduous or semi-evergreen, small fruit tree, native to China. The Chinese Quince has grey bark and finely-toothed, oval, dark-green leaves that have a purple hue when young during the Spring. Throughout spring, pink cup shaped flowers are in bloom and if it a hot summer are followed by ovoid fruits. The fruits can reach up to lengths of 15-25cm and as they ripen give off a sweet, intense aroma. They are hard when ripe, can be eaten fresh or can be preserved in syrups. The tree grows well in Britain against a south facing wall.. 

  • Chaenomeles cathayensis - Chinese Flowering Quince (20-30cm tall)
  • An unusual, vigorous, deciduous shrub that flowers in Spring, together or just before the new leaves appear. A fantastic ornamental the Chinese Flowering Quince originates from China which produces large, edible fruits later on in the year. With the shrub having spiny shoots and thorns, it can make an effective barrier when planted, especially in hedging. During the spring, masses of pinkish -peach flowers are formed in small clusters which stand out against its tinted purple, simple shaped leaves.  Later on in the year, the leaves turn green. The huge, large apple sized, rounded fruits mature from September. They are hard when raw, but deliciously fragrant when cooked, excellent for jellies or jams. It grows equally well in full sun or partial shade; a well drained but moist soil is optimal, but it will grow well on almost any soil which is not too alkaline. It is hardy to temperatures as low as -20c. 

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