Staphylea colchica - Ivory-flowered Bladdernut Shrub

  • A very distinctive shrub by its sweetly scented, hanging flowers and peculiar, bladder-like fruits. A medium to large shrub which tolerates a well shaded environment. This plant is tolerant of a wide range of soils as long as they are not too dry. It can be grown in a large pot on the patio too.

  • Also known as: Colchic Bladdernut

  • Native to: South-Eastern Asia

  • Family: Staphyleaceae - Bladdernut Family

  • Habit (UK conditions): dioecious, medium to large shrub

  • Max size in 10 years (UK conditions): 4 x 4m

  • Main value: scented flowers and fluffy fruits

  • Flowers are: creamy-white

  • Flowering period: May

  • Autumn coloration: yellowish but not very significant

  • Preferences: half shade or full shade, prefers moist soils but fairly drought tolerant

  • Hardiness: fully hardy in most of the UK and West and South Europe

  • Known hazards: none to our knowledge

  • Edible uses: none to our knowledge

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