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Casuarina equisetifolia - Australian Pine, She Oak, Common Ru

  • Casuarina is a beautiful plant with soft, green branchlets, similar to the horsetail, but this is a woody species. It also have a bamboo-like appearance when young, works well in a pot on the patio or by an entrance or planted out in a sheltered position (for example against a wall) on coasts (salt tolerant). Thousands of small, pom-pom like red flowers develop on small branchlets on the second year wood on female plants, male inflorescences are yellow, narrow, they hang from the branchlet endings. Fast growing and hardy to -5C, not fussy to soil conditions. Australian Pine can reach up to 3m even in a pot, or 6-8m in the garden, but it tolerates trimming.

  • We have excellent quality, 20-30cm tall, two years old plants on offer. It is very decorative even with just the foliage, but a bunch of 3-4 plants in one pot will be sent (probably ensuring both gender, so the red flowers). 

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