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Celastrus glaucophylla - Staff Vine

  • Celastrus glaucophylla is an attractive climber that produces branches which grow in an unusual zig-zag formation. The broad leaves have distinctive pointed edges and the small green/yellow flowers are borne in wonderful panicles. The striking yellow fruits become an orange/yellow colour when the "fruit skin" opens. When the seeds are exposed they have a visible orange flesh. These fruits remain on the plant during winter. Staff vines are fast growing climbers which will grow on pretty much any type of soil. C. glaucophylla is not usually cultivated in nurseries but it is a truly great plant as its fruits are larger and much more showy. The Staff Vine is part of the dioecious species, meaning the male and female flowers are borne on different plants. It is an easy to grow climber.

  • We have excellent quality, 20-25cm tall starter plants on offer.

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