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Danae racemosa - Alexandrian Laurel

  • Danae racemosa is an unusual evergreen with a bamboo-like appearance but ideal for small gardens (and for patient gardeners). It is an interesting, slow growing perennial-like shrub. The Alexandrian Laurel branches are slender, arching up and away from the centre crown. In September, orange-red berries appear and are beautiful when against the lustrous, evergreen stems. The showy fruits stay on the plant until around January. The branches are great for flower arrangements as they last for several weeks in a vase. When the evergreen grows to a large size, it makes excellent ground cover. Once a year, during the spring the new stems arise from the base of the plant meaning it is vital that the plant is watered during this time as the more water it gets the larger the stem will grow. After May, the plant won’t grow for the rest of the year.

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