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Flowering Climber / Vine Collection: Araujia, Periploca & Akebia

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  • The eye catching Flowering Climber collection contains one of each plant in an 8cm pot.

  • Araujia sericifera: A fast growing climber with porcelain white, fragrant flowers during the Summer, followed by fluffy pod fruits. It can be planted into a large pot on the patio. The climber is hardy to temperatures down to -8c but even if it does get damaged by the frost, it can re grow from its base. A very fine-looking vine with large, shiny, green, pointed ended leaves, originating from the Mediterranean.
  • Periploca graeca: It produces clusters of waxy, green and deep burgundy-purple flowers (similar to a passionflower) that are followed by long narrow seedpods. When the pods open, the silky seeds fly off with the wind. A fast grower that reaches 20 - 25 feet in length. However, it is not self-supporting so you may need to help it out with a little support. In the autumn, the foliage turns a golden yellow.
  • Akebia quinata: A stunning deciduous, fast growing climber that originates from China, Korea and Japan. In the spring (April-May), maroon-chocolate coloured flowers are in bloom which give off a slight sweet scent. The flowers stand out beautifully against its bright green leaves that are composed of five obovate leaflets. The leaves are known to have a slight purple tinge during the winter months. It is great for training against a wall.

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