The Forgotten Fruit Trees Collection

  • We have carefully curated a collection of our favourite fruiting trees that we believe not only will you enjoy but your gardens wildlife too.

  • The luscious Forgotten Fruit Trees Collection contains one of each plant in either a 7cm or 8cm pot.

  • Brown Striped Fig– Ficus carica Madeleine des deux saisons: A reliable, cold tolerant fig tree that is grown for its ornamental appearance and edible fruits. It has large, 3 or 5 lobed leaves and smooth bark. The medium to large fruits are brown, slightly striped and have a red coloured flesh which is incredibly sweet. Translated to ‘Madeleine of Two Seasons’, it produces two crops per season providing it is a hot summer and the tree has been protected throughout winter. The shrub is very resistant to cold weather, withstanding temperatures as low as -15c.
  • Quince Tree– Cydonia oblonga: Blooming mid-late Spring, the soft pink and white flowers can grow to 4cm and are known to have a sweet fragrance. During Autumn, the tree produces ornamental fruit (roughly 10cm by 9cm) which look very similar to yellow pears. The fruit is strongly aromatic and has a firm but slightly gritty flesh. It is edible and mainly used in jams and jellies. The tree during this season becomes a beautiful addition to the garden with the orange, red and yellow foliage contrasting against the golden-yellow fruits.
  • Chinese Mulberry – Maclura tricuspidata: Known well for its sweet and tasty edible fruits. The deciduous tree is suitable for any garden with it being possible to grow in a large container on the patio. The fruit is somewhat similar to that of the mulberry and the lychee (1-2 inch in diameter). When the fruits are ripe, they are a maroon-red colour with a dark, rich juicy red flesh and have a similar taste to a watermelon when soft. It has small, cream flowers in the Summer and in the Autumn its simple leaves turn a golden yellow.

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