Firmiana Simplex - Chinese Parasol Tree

  • This is a deciduous tree from China which has many architectural qualities. Its beautifully shaped, large leaves give heavy shade, and its large inflorescences early Summer have a lemony-chocolate fragrance; followed by interesting fruits, with pink - orange coloured modified petals. It is an ideal patio plant, keeping it frost free in Winter or can be overwintered outdoors by a south facing wall in Southern Britain.

Other common names:   Wutong
Native to:     E-Asia, China
Family:     Malvaceae (Mallow Family)
Habit (UK conditions):  Medium sized tree
Growth rate: Fast
Typical size in 5 years (in a pot):   2m x 1m
Main value:    Flowers, fruits
Flower colour:    Creamy white
Flowering period:   May - June
Autumn coloration:   Shades of yellow
Preferences:    Grows best in full sun, on any soil with good drainage (drought tolerant)
Hardiness:    Hardy to about 0c

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