Passiflora caerulea - Blue Passionflower

  • Our best available strongly growing plant in a 8cm pot ready to dispatch; freshly hand picked from our nursery benches; cultivated under UK climatic conditions.

 Also known as:  Passion Flower
 Native to:    South-America
 Family:    Passifloraceae - Passionflower Family
 Habit (UK conditions):  climbing up on plants or objects giving a green screen   (deciduous) (fast grower)
 Max size in 5 years (UK conditions, in pot):  4 x 2m
 Main value:   flowers, fruits, leaves
 Flowers are:   blue - white
 Flowering period:  Summer
 Autumn coloration:  not significant
 Preferences:   it grows best if planted against a south facing wall, and prefers deep soil with free drainage (or it can be kept indoors)
 Hardiness:   not fully hardy in the UK and most of Europe, if overwinters outdoors, it sprouts back from the base (hardiness zone 9-11)
 Known hazards:    none to our knowledge
 Edible uses: fruits are eaten by animals (for human consumption, use P. edulis)

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