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Acacia dealbata - Blue Wattle, Yellow Mimosa

  • A perfect addition to inject spring colour into any garden is the lovely Acacia dealbata (Blue Wattle). Native to Australia but can often be seen around the Mediterranean coasts. An evergreen tree or shrub with finely divided grey-green leaves and clouds of fragrant, fluffy, yellow flowers which decorate our gardens at the heart of winter to the beginning of spring. It can be cut back when young to create a shrub or can be left to grow freely to create a large tree. The beautiful flowers not only provide a vibrant burst of sunshine to your garden during those grey days, but they can be a real treat for the senses over the winter months. The diverse Blue Wattle can also be used in traditional floral arrangements, allowing us to enjoy the delightful scent and colour in our homes. With the Blue Wattle not being a very frost hardy plant, it can only withstand light morning frosts. Therefore, it can only be planted out on the Southern Coast and in cities such as London. If not, it is best to keep it in a large pot on the patio or in a conservatory, and during the Winter for it to be frost free. The Acacia dealbata requires full sunshine, otherwise it will grow leggy. It is somewhat drought tolerant but prefers to be watered regularly. A great ornamental plant, suitable for bonsai too.

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