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Acca sellowiana - Pineapple Guava


  • The Pineapple Guava is a widely cultivated fruit in subtropical regions and is a tolerant species that will survive light frosts. Acca sellowiana is an evergreen fruit shrub or small fruit tree with fairly large, pink flowers that have numerous decorative red anthers. The green coloured (even when ripe) fruits are egg sized and "apple"-like in appearance, having a sweet, juicy pulp around the seeds (sometimes the small fruits are eaten in full, after peeling the skin). The fruits are used in culinary and the even the edible flowers can be added to salads. We have strong seedling plants which means that the shape and size of fruits varies somewhat. It will fruit in the UK in a sheltered sunny spot or in conservatory conditions. Surprisingly rarely offered, an underrated plant which has a great ornamental value. 

  • We have one year old starter plants on offer.
  • The intended main use of this plant is to grow food for human consumption. We always recommend further research to learn the different ways in which the food source can be prepared and consumed.

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