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Sophora japonica, Styphnolobium japonicum - Japanese Pagoda Tree (3 SEEDS)

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  • Sophora japonica is one of the latest flowering tree species, which is fully hardy to the UK. Originates from China (but planted widely in Japan), it develops a medium to large sized crown, up to perhaps 10m ill all directions, when adult. However, it can be kept as small as 3m tall with pruning. Delightful, pea like-white flowers in huge inflorescences appear as late as August and it flowers for a month. Hanging, juicy (but not edible), green pods will remain on the tree until mid-Winter. Its grey, flaky bark also has a good ornamental effect.

  • This species is commonly used in Chinese medicine and is considered to be one of the 50 fundamental herbs. The leaves are rich in rutin, and can be used cooked (together with the flowers) for tea.
  • 3 FRESH SEEDS, ready to be posted. (Very rarely offered due to the difficult to obtain healthy, viable seeds.)

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