Eriobotrya japonica -Japanese Medlar

  • Eriobotrya japonica is a small evergreen tree or shrub that is very ornamental with long, dark green, leathery leaves and yellow-white flowers that open on the tip of the branches. The Japanese Medlar have flowers that are produced during January-February, having the most sweetly scent one can imagine. In Winter the flowers may be pollinated even when it is cold but not too frosty (below -1C). For the succulent, sweet fruits to develop it requires almost frost-free environment from February to May. Any time from early Spring to early Summer the fruits flesh when ripe becomes yellow-orange. The flavour is the sweetest, a mixture of citrus and peach.  It is best to plant by a wall in Britain or can be kept in a larger conservatory. The tree itself is hardy to about -10C, but it depends on watering and origin of the plants as well. 

  • We have excellent quality, 20-30cm tall plants on offer.


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