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Ficus carica Pedro - Yellow Skin Fig

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  • Ficus carica Pedro is of the cold tolerant variety, originating from Mid-East Asia. The fruit has green (green-yellowish when fully ripe) skin and a creamy flesh when opened. The plant produces the droplet shaped fruits once a year, however if kept in conservatory conditions they can produce twice a year. The first fruits during the Summer tend to be very large, reaching to 120-150g with the fruits during the Autumn being slightly smaller.

  • The Yellow Skin Fig has been cultivated since the ancient times, growing wild in dry and sunny areas. It is a very hardy plant so well suited for the UK’s growing conditions. It is a parthenocarpic plant meaning that there is no need of the fig wasp for pollination. The plant can grow to the height of 2-3m and is easily trained to a trellis. It has good resistance to the cold, surviving to temperatures as low as -15c.

  • We offer different leaf forms, slightly lobed to deeply lobed. It makes a great architectural plant due to its ornamental leaves and in the Autumn its foliage turning a golden yellow. After the leaves fall, the figs tend to remain on the bare branches.

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