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Eriobotrya japonica -Japanese Medlar


  • Eriobotrya japonica is a small, fruiting evergreen tree or fruiting shrub that is very ornamental with long, dark green, leathery leaves and yellow-white flowers that open on the tip of the branches. The Japanese Medlar has flowers that are produced during January-February, having the most sweetly scent one can imagine. In Winter the flowers may be pollinated even when it is cold but not too frosty (below -1C). For the succulent, edible fruits to develop it requires almost frost-free environment from February to May. Any time from early Spring to early Summer the fruits flesh when ripe becomes yellow-orange. The flavour is the sweetest, a mixture of citrus and peach.  It is best to plant by a wall in Britain or can be kept in a larger conservatory. The tree itself is hardy to about -10C, but it depends on watering and origin of the plants as well. 

  • We have excellent quality, 15-20cm tall starter plants on offer. 
  • The intended main use of this plant is to grow food for human consumption. We always recommend further research to learn the different ways in which the food source can be prepared and consumed.


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