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Aristotelia chilensis - Chilean Wineberry 5cm seedling

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  • Aristotelia chilensis exhibits one of the highest polyphenol content and antioxidant activity of all fruits including the most consumed berries, therefore a so called superfruit. Its simple leaves with a serrated edge hang off thin, abundant and flexible branches all year round. In May, small white flowers appear, female plants eventually yielding the small edible fruit, tasting similar to the blackberry. It is an evergreen fruit tree, native to South America. The Maqui Berry is from Chile and has been cultivated for centuries by the Mapuche Indians. It is well known for producing small, purple-black fruits which taste very similar to blackberries. They can be eaten fresh or dried, but are also processed into jam, juice, wine or other food. Dioecious (either male or female) but female plants even without a male will produce seedless fruits. It grows well on well drained but moist soil, hardy to about -7C, height varies between 2m and 5m but it can be trimmed and even grown in a pot. 

  • The intended main use of this plant is to grow food for human consumption. We always recommend further research to learn the different ways in which the food source can be prepared and consumed.


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