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Morus nigra - Black Mulberry

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  • Please note these are currently 8cm tall seedling plants and are to be kept in their pot for 2 months before planting out (they can also be happily grown in a large patio pot).

    The Black Mulberry is a beautiful, easy to grow, ornamental fruit tree that bears an abundance of juicy fruits year after year making it a must have in any garden whether it be big or small. The mulberries are truly delicious when ripe with a combination of tartness and sweetness. They can be eaten straight off the tree, simply added to summer desserts, or even used to make a refreshing mulberry infused gin. From late summer to early fall, the clusters of purple, oblong, edible fruits are produced over a 3 week period. The broad crowned, deciduous tree features large, heart shaped leaves, covering its architectural, intertwined branches. In the autumn, the foliage turns a glorious yellow forming a golden canopy as it falls to the ground.

  • The intended main use of this plant is to grow food for human consumption. We always recommend further research to learn the different ways in which the food source can be prepared and consumed.

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