Acer maximowiczianum - Nikko Maple

  • A beautiful, slow growing deciduous tree with 3 lobed leaves which, in Autumn become a spectacular orange and red colour. It grows best in dappled shade, suitable for the patio and for bonsai.

 Also known as: Acer nikoense
 Native to:    The main species is native to Southern China and Japan
 Family:    Aceraceae - Maple Family
 Habit (UK conditions):  Small tree (slow grower)
 Typical size in 10 years (UK conditions, in pot):  3 x 1m
 Main value: Nicely shaped leaves
 Flowers are:   Yellow, female not significant (but the developing winged fruits are pretty)
 Flowering period:  April
 Autumn coloration:  Orange, red, purple
 Preferences:   Half shade or light shade, regular watering in dry periods
 Hardiness:   Hardy in the UK and in Western, Central and Southern Europe
 Known hazards:    None to our knowledge
 Edible uses:  none

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