Amygdalus communis - Sweet Almond

  • This small tree is a fast grower and produces a large number of nuts from the age of 5-6, but starts to fruit from the age of just 2. Amygdalus communis has long, nicely shaped, simple leaves which have a serrated margin. Its white or pinkish flowers open on bare branches in early Spring, followed by green, then brown coated nuts which ripen in August-September. The Sweet Almond Tree prefers a hot, sunny position, drought tolerant (it originates from the Middle-East) and not fussy to soil conditions. We have strong seedling plants which means that the shape and size of fruits varies but all will have edible nuts. Surprisingly rarely offered, underrated tree which has a great ornamental value too.

  • We have excellent quality, 30-40cm tall plants on offer.

(1st Image by Jenny Downing)

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