Biancaea decapetala – Shoofly, Mysore Thorn

  • Looks stunning when in flower, this shrubby plant is known to be a beautiful subtropical ornamental.  It has striking yellow, openly flattened pea flowers, that have purple dots near the base of the parcels, and long, curling, purple stamens. The upright flower heads are very exotic. Native to Central to Eastern China where it forms impenetrable thickets, especially is swampy locations, however it is relatively drought tolerant. It has a spreading habit with the long branches almost touching the soil under the weight of the flowers, followed by palm sized, brown pods which open almost completely flat when dry, revealing the large, dark seeds. The composite leaves are made of more than 50 tiny leaflets, with a spiny stem. Summer flowering, it will grow vigorously in a conservatory or the hottest spot in the garden, preferably overwintered frost free. Hardy to just a few degrees below freezing but not fussy to soil, as long as it is rich in organic matter.

  • Excellent quality plant in an 8cm square pot.

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