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Bonsai Starter - Autumn Colour Collection

  • The Bonsai Starter - Autumn Colour Collection contains one of each plant in 7cm or 8cm pots.

  • Zelkova serrata - Japanese Zelkova (10-15cm tall)

    Planted for its serrated foliage which turns to a spectacular yellow and red in Autumn. It has a greyish, exfoliating (in rounded patches) bark which contrasts against the the foliage. It branches out freely (often multi-stemmed) and makes an ideal bonsai subject but is equally ideal as a patio plant or as a garden tree. It is very easy to grow on almost any types of soil and tolerates urban pollution too.

    Cercidiphyllum japonicum - Toffee Apple Tree, Katsura Tree (6-8cm tall)

  • Its colour changing, heart-shaped leaves turn wonderful shades of yellow, orange, purple and red. You will be treated to not only a spectacular display of colour but a sweet toffee apple fragrance when the leaves fall, filling your garden with the delicious, distinctive scent late autumn. A striking, medium sized tree that can reach a maximum height of 10m. However, it can be easily pruned and grown in a pot making it the perfect addition to a garden of any size. This plant is fast growing and it branches out freely, making a superb bonsai. It is hardy and best planted on slightly acidic soils but it is quite adaptable.

    Acer palmatum - Japanese Maple (6-8cm tall)

  • A small tree that originates from Japan, with beautifully lobed or composed leaves and striking red-orange autumn colours. The flowers are small but pinkish, with red winged fruits developing on the tree. The glorious autumn colours become the main attraction, adding an ornamental value. Slow growing, the Japanese Maple makes an excellent small tree to have in borders or on the patio (with regular watering). It is also great for bonsai. The Japanese Maple prefers slightly acidic soil with good drainage due to it having very thin roots. Our plants are in a special compost mix with added loam, which provides an excellent environment for the roots. We have lovely starter plants with red foliage and very pretty leaves.

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