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Bonsai Starter - Dwarf Tree Collection

  • We have carefully curated a collection of our dwarf trees which would be perfect as bonsai's. 

  • The Bonsai Starter Dwarf Tree Collection contains one of each plant in either an 8cm or 9cm pot.

  • Montpellier Maple - Acer monspessulanum (10-15cm tall): Also known as the Montpellier Maple is a small, deciduous, rounded tree. Its dark-green, three-lobed, glossy leaves have a fantastic autumn colour. In the spring, an abundance of green-yellow flowers appear in racemes which are followed by decorative red-winged fruits in the summer. A hardy tree and drought tolerant.

  • New Zealand Myrtle (Rohutu) - Lophomyrtus obcordata (10-12cm tall, branched): It is a densely branched, elegant, dwarf like shrub from Australia. It has decorative, green- yellow, purple foliage with tiny leaves all year round. During the Summer, 1cm wide myrtle like, fragrant, white flowers bloom. Later on in the year, Lophomyrtus obcordata produces edible black berries. Hardy to temperatures as low as -10C.

  • Dwarf Kowhai - Sophora cassioides (8cm tall seedling): A small, evergreen shrub originating from New Zealand. It is a slow growing plant that makes a great addition to the patio or as a bonsai meaning it is perfect for the smallest of gardens. The Dwarf Kowhai has zig-zag branching, yellow stems and exfoliating bark. In the late Spring, large pea-like flowers of a brownish yellow are produced and borne either in clusters of 2-3 or singly. After flowering, long narrow beans appear on the shrub. During the Winter, the plant receives great interest after the foliage has dropped off as it reveals its quirky branches and stems. 

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