Campsis radicans - Trumpet Vine

  • The Campsis radicans is a deciduous, fast growing species growing up to 10m in height. It is native to South East USA. The pointed tipped leaves have 9-11 leaflets that are a glossy dark-green during late Spring, early Summer and turn yellow in the Autumn. 

  • In the late Summer, early Autumn the climber creates a stunning display of brilliant orange and red trumpet shaped flowers that are in beautiful clusters at the branches ends. The tropical looking flowers can reach up to 8cm in length.

  • The showy creeper is known to be best suited for covering walls or fences and to be placed in a position where it will receive full sunlight. The Campsis radicans is frost hardy, tolerant up to -15c as well as being drought tolerant.

  • We have 15-20cm tall, freshly potted starter plants on offer.

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