Cornus florida - Flowering Dogwood

  • This deciduous shrub is known to add texture and vibrancy to any garden with its pointed tip and wavy edged leaves that put on a display during the autumn. It will grow to a maximum height of 3 x 3 meters in 20 years meaning that it is an ideal choice for those who have smaller spaces to fill.

  • In the spring time, small but wonderful green flowers are surrounded by large white petal-like bracts. They are formed in dense clusters amongst mid-green, elongated-oval leaves.

  • During autumn, the shrub provides further seasonal interest. The foliage turns vibrant shades of purple and red and is sometimes followed by clusters of ornamental red berries.

  • For the plants optimum growth it is best to plant it in semi shade or no shade and on well-drained but moist soil. It can withstand temperatures as low as -15c. -

         Excellent quality, 15-20cm tall plant in an 8cm square pot.

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