Decaisnea fargesii - Blue Sausage Shrub

  • A fast growing unusual shrub with an exotic effect. Its main character is the large pinnate leaves which can reach 80cm in length and 40cm in width with the metallic blue, fleshy seed pods, hanging on the "naked" plant after fall (until early Winter). These extraordinary fruits are unique in shape and have an ornamental value. In the Summer it flowers in a greeny-yellow colour (flowers appear in hanging racemes). This plant grows new shoots easily from the base and can be pruned as well, even trained to a wall if planted 50cm-1m from it. Very cold tolerant. Pest and disease resistant (in the UK and Europe)


Height in 5 years (unpruned): 2x0.7m

It looks best in: May-June (flowers), September-November (fruits, foliage)

Flower colour: yellow, bell shaped

Hardiness: -15C

Growth rate: medium

Autumn coloration: yellow

Position: sheltered, half shady spot is best

Excellent quality starter plant in an 8cm square pot.

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