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Edible Dogwood Collection

  • We have carefully curated a collection of our edible dogwood trees and shrubs which produce countless delicious fruits.  

  • The rare Edible Dogwood Collection contains one of each plant in either an 8cm or 9cm pot.

  • Cornelian Cherry - Cornus mas (15-20cm tall): A large ornamental shrub or small tree made up of dark green, shiny ovate leaves which turn a wonderful reddish purple during the autumn. Before the leaves develop, masses of tiny, golden-yellow flowers appear like a golden mist around the bare stems. The Cornelian Cherry in particular gives your garden a glow during the drab, winter days. In the late summer, countless bright red, soured cherry like fruits are formed which, when fully ripe are used for making a delicious sauce (similar to the traditional cranberry sauce) or jams. The fruit tastes sweet as well as acidic at the same time. The whole plant diffuses an interesting, fruity scent – even when not in fruit.

  • Japanese Cornelian Cherry - Cornus officinalis (20-25cm tall): Similar to the Cornus mas, C officinalis (Japanese Cornelian Cherry) also has tasty, soft fruits from late summer, a large shrub with masses of bright, yellow flowers in February, with longer stalks / peduncle than on the Cornus mas. The fruits tend to hand by 3-4-5 from the same spot, making it easy to pick, they have a delicious, sweet taste when fully ripe. It can be used in a similar way to the Cornelian Cherry. Plus, the foliage turns orange and deep red in October. It prefers a light shade, otherwise easy to grow, the flowering branches work even in a vase in a room.

  • Himalayan Dogwood - Cornus capitata (20-25cm tall): An elegant, large shrub that has evergreen foliage and creamy coloured flowers that open in the Summer.  The Himalayan Dogwood has strawberry-like, large, orange-red fruits that are edible as well as being an ideal source for squirrels and birds.

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