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Liriodendron tulipifera - Tulip Tree

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  • This is one of the largest North American tree, the "official" tree of several states in the US. An angled shape gives a unique, square look to the foliage; beautiful also, when young in Spring (the leaves fold out from half). Numerous, large, green-yellow, saucer shaped flowers open on the older trees in early Summer, followed by interesting, pointed fruits. The foliage turns spectacular yellow in Autumn, and in Winter, its fissured bark gives further sight (the wood is valuable, not hard but flexible). It likes full sun and rich, deep, slightly acidic soil, disliking root disturbance, but otherwise not too fussy and even for the look of the leaves, it is well worth having one.

  •  We have excellent quality, 10-15cm tall plants on offer.

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