Prunus lusitanicus – Portuguese Laurel

  • Native to SE and SW Europe, mostly spreading over the Iberian Peninsula, this evergreen shrub is a great all year rounder. An elegant, densely branched shrub, ideal for hedging or topiary. Glossy, serrated leaves provide a great backdrop for the tiny, cup-shaped, creamy aromatic white flowers which appear in upright clusters, and bloom from the leaf axils from April-May. Flowers give way to black drupes that ripen from late summer, providing Autumn interest. This fruit is inedible for humans (bitter aftertaste) but is loved by birds. The genus name from Latin means plum or cherry tree.

  • A very good plant for a low windbreak. Its leaves are smaller than the Laurel’s and the plant in general looks very tidy. Relatively fast growing, it can be trimmed or shaped to any form (it will of course flower less if heavily pruned). Its pinkish stems contrast well with the green foliage no matter the season. It starts to flower at the age of 3-4.

  • Drought tolerant and can be grown in many soil types, but will thrive well on a good fertile soil. An ideal patio plant and even a bonsai subject. Hardy to about -15C.
    Excellent quality, 5-7cm tall plant in an 7cm square pot.

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