Pterostyrax corymbosa - Epaulette Tree

  • Stunning when in flower, this medium sized tree will grow fine in a sheltered spot in the garden, or in a pot. Originating from China, the Pterostyrax has beautiful, hanging racemes in mid-Summer, with hundreds of white flowers, which resemble epaulettes. The long racemes give the tree a weeping appearance. Foliage turns a spectacular yellow in Autumn with interesting, hairy fruits developing which are quite decorative.

 Also known as: Epaulette Tree
 Native to:    China
 Habit (UK conditions):  small deciduous tree
 Max size in 10 years (UK conditions):  3m x 2m
 Main value:   flowers, foliage
 Flowers are: white
 Flowering period: June-July
 Autumn coloration:  yellow
 Preferences: full sun or doppled shade, moderate watering, can be grown in a pot (sheltered spot is best)
 Hardiness:  fairly hardy the UK and usually hardy in West and South Europe
 Known hazards:    none to our knowledge
 Edible uses:  none to our knowledge

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