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Winter Flowering Shrub Collection

  • We have carefully curated a collection of our Winter Flowering shrubs which will add vibrancy to your garden during the duller, colder months.

  • The rare Winter Flowering Shrub collection contains one of each plant in either an 7cm, 8cm or 9cm pot.

  • Pink Christmas Box – Sarcococca hookeriana (5cm tall):

    Sarcococca hookeriana originates from China. The Pink Christmas Box is a fairly low growing evergreen shrub that will reach a maximum height of 60-80cm making it a perfect addition to your patio pots. The flowers have a strong honey-like fragrance which carries some distance making it brighten up the drab days of Winter. Between December and February, it produces masses of delicate white or pink tinged flowers and its blue fruits are showy from November. 

  • Wintersweet – Chimonanthus praecox (15-20cm tall): Chimonanthus praecox possess sweetly scented and highly fragrant, creamy yellow, bell shaped flowers that appear on bare, light brown stems in the middle of Winter. The glossy, lanceolate leaves turn a pure yellow in the Autumn. On hot Summer days, the deep green, leathery leaves release an aromatic scent of a mixture of cinnamon and cloves. The Wintersweet is a medium sized (2m tall) shrub, ideal for Winter borders and looks stunning against a natural wall or even in a large pot on the patio. It is best to keep it close to a path or entrance of the house for you to fully appreciate its strong fragrance!

  • Winter Hazel – Corylopsis sinensis (15-20cm tall): One of the most interesting shrubs one can have. It flowers early, producing flowers in March that diffuse a sweet scent before the leaves appear. Corylopsis sinensis flowers are yellow, appearing in hanging racemes. The Winter Hazel also has a stunning autumn colour in the shades of orange and red. This plant is tolerant to wetter soils and grows best in semi-shade.

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