Artocarpus heterophyllus - Jackfruit Tree

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  • You will receive our best available 3x seeds in a sturdy 8cm pot; freshly hand picked from our nursery benches; cultivated under UK climatic conditions. It is an evergreen subtropical tree from Asia, producing one of the largest fruits in the world. It is widely cultivated in India. Although it is not at all frost hardy, it can withstand low temperatures down to 2-5C. Therefore, it can be overwintered in an unheated greenhouse or conservatory. Its simple leaves are ornamental, dark green with a pointed end. It only flowers when it has reached full maturity and is several meters in height. However, its foliage makes a good ornamental plant which can be kept on the patio in the Summer and frost free in Winter. The fruits have a strong, fruity aroma due to the flesh tasting like the combination of juicy pineapple and apricot surrounding the seeds. The seeds and flesh are the edible part of the plant and there are normally hundreds of them in one single fruit. The boiled seeds are also edible.

Other common names:   Jack Tree, Jaktree
Native to:     Asia
Family:     Rosaceae (Rose Family)
Habit (UK conditions):  small tree in a pot
Max. size in 5 years (if kept in a 80L-100L pot):   3m x 2m
Main value:    leathery leaves, edible fruits
Flower colour:    yellow-white
Flowering period:   Summer
Autumn coloration:   - (evergreen)
Preferences:    wide range of soils (in pot), full sun, it is usually kept as a pot plant
Hardiness:    hardy to +5C (it depends on soil moisture and other factors, but it dislikes temperatures lower than 5C)
Is it toxic?:    no

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