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Autumn Climber Collection

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  • We have carefully curated a collection of our Autumn climbers which produce countless, decorative fruits.

  • The Autumn Climber Collection contains one of each plant in either an 8cm or 9cm pot.

  • Strawberry Grape (light blue) - Vitis labrusca Concord (20cm tall): Vitis labrusca Isabella (Strawberry Grape), also known as the Fragolino is a cross between the Vitis labrusca Concord (the coldest tolerant grapevine) and the Vitis vinifera. It is the fast growing, famous strawberry tasting grape which when ripened, the skin is a dark purple and has yellow-green flesh. The vine originates from Eastern North-America. During the summer from May-June it produces lovely pink new shoots and small yellow flowers that are sweetly scented. When the climber is placed in a hot position against a South facing wall and receives the appropriate growing conditions, large bunches of blue-black grapes are produced. They can be as thick as 2cm and have a musky aroma but taste sweet, used to make wine. It is a fully hardy plant that is resistant to temperatures as low as -20c.

  • Porcelain Vine - Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (5-10cm tall): Ampelopsis brevipedunculata is an attractive deciduous climber, originating from China. The large climber is known as an ornamental plant due to its striking fruits that consist of the colours blue, purple and pink with brown or black speckles. It is fast growing (can reach up to 20m), best trained over an arch or trellis. The Ampelopsis has three or occasionally five lobed heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to 15cm wide and often colour in the Autumn. During late Spring, early Summer you will find clusters of small, green flowers that are followed by fruit during the Autumn. The Porcelain Vine is hardy and tolerant to extreme cold weather of up to -25c. It prefers to be planted in a warm sheltered spot where it will receive full sun.

  • Staff Vine - Celastrus glaucophylla (15-20cm tall): An attractive climber that produces branches which grow in an unusual zig-zag formation. The broad leaves have distinctive pointed edges, and the small green/yellow flowers are borne in wonderful panicles. The striking yellow fruits become an orange/yellow colour when the "fruit skin" opens. When the seeds are exposed, they have a visible orange flesh. These fruits remain on the plant during winter. Staff vines are fast growing climbers which will grow on pretty much any type of soil. C. glaucophylla is not usually cultivated in nurseries but it is a truly great plant as its fruits are larger and much showier. The Staff Vine is part of the dioecious species, meaning the male and female flowers are borne on different plants. It is an easy to grow climber.


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