Clerodendron trichotomum - Harlequin Glorybower

  • An extremely showy, mediterranean style shrub that has aromatic leaves and gorgeous white flowers in the middle of Summer, followed by striking blue fruits (surrounded by purple calyx). It looks stunning against a south facing wall with continuous flowering in the Summer. Drought tolerant and prefers fertile soil with good drainage. It can be kept on the patio in a large pot.


 Also known as:  Peanut Butter Tree, Glorytree

 Native to:    China, Japan, Korea, India

 Family:    Lamiaceae - Sage Family

 Habit (UK conditions):  medium shrub to small tree

 Max size in 5 years (UK conditions, in pot):  3 x 3m

 Main value:   flowers, fruits

 Flowers are:   white

 Flowering period:  Summer

 Autumn coloration:  not significant (yellowish)

 Preferences:   it grows best if planted against a south facing wall, and prefers deep soil with free drainage

 Hardiness:   not fully hardy in Northern Scotland but it is in the bulk of the UK and most of Europe, if dies back by frost, it sprouts back from the base

 Known hazards:    none to our knowledge

 Edible uses: some sources mention edible leaves and sprouts (when cooked) - we cannot take any responsibility in this matter


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