Cornus cousa - Flowering Dogwood

  • The Cornus kousa originates from China. It is a small but tough deciduous tree that has an average growth rate.

  • During late Spring – early Summer it produces large, cream-white flowers that can reach up to 15cm in length. The autumn colour and flowers are the main key features of the tree with it being very showy when in bloom and in the autumn the glossy, large leaves turning to rich oranges, yellows and purples. and autumn colour being its key features.

  • The more mature trees are known to occasionally produce 2-3cm in diameter, strawberry like fruits that are of a pinky red colour. The fruit is the tree’s ornamental value with it being a delicious and sweet edible addition, it can sometimes be used for making wine.

  • The tree is best positioned where it will reach full sun light / partial shade and to be sheltered from cold winds. It is known to be tolerant to a heavy frost with it being hardy to -25c.

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