Cornus mas - Cornelian Cherry

  • This ornamental, large shrub is made up of dark green, shiny ovate leaves which turn a reddish purple during the autumn.

  • In the spring time, before the leaves develop, masses of tiny, pretty golden-yellow flowers appear like a golden mist around the bare stems. This plant in particular gives your garden a glow during the drab, winter days.

  • In midsummer, colourful, bright red cherry like fruits are formed which, when fully ripe are used for making a delicious sauce (similar to the traditional cranberry sauce) or jams. The fruit tastes sweet as well as acidic at the same time.

  • For the plants optimum growth, it is best to position it where it will receive full sun or half shade. Hardy to temperatures as low as -20.

         Excellent quality, 20-25cm tall plant in an 8cm square pot.


  • Other common names: Sorbet, Edible dogwood

  • Native to: Europe

  • Family: Rosaceae

  • Habit (UK conditions): medium to large, rounded deciduous shrub

  • Growth rate: medium

  • Typical size in 10 years: 2m x 1m (spread)

  • Main value: flowers, fruit

  • Flower colour: yellow

  • Flowering period: Feb-March

  • Autumn coloration: orange-red

  • Preferences: many types of soil, light shade to full sun

  • Hardiness: hardy to about -20C -

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