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Fraxinus bungeana – Bunge Ash

  • The Bunge Ash is a plant that challenges one’s preconception of a genus because, unlike other ashes, this Chinese native is a shrub with showy flowers instead of a tree with inconspicuous flowers. Fraxinus bungeana belongs to a group known as the flowering ashes. Covered with clouds of creamy yellow flower panicles, made up of tiny flowers, with a subtle scent. Its flowers and form are more reminiscent of its oleaceous cousins, Syringa (lilac) and Chionanthus (fringetree), than they are of familiar members of its own genus. This species has been cultivated in botanic gardens since the late 1800s, but has never significantly got into nursery production. Native to Central-Northern China, it only reaches a height of 2-3m.
    It produces stunning flowers and a deep yellow colouration in the Autumn, a truly lovely plant. Suitable for small gardens, especially in a sunny position and it is fully hardy.
    We have excellent quality, 20-30cm plants in a 7cm square pot.

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