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Humulus lupulus - Common Hop

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  • Humulus lupulus is a fast growing, fruiting climber with slightly hairy foliage and stem, rejuvenating every year from rhizomes. The Common Hop can grow as much as 3m during the year. With the female plants producing fruits, we have placed 3-4 plants in a pot, to ensure you will end up with both gender (highly likely). Widely cultivated for use by the brewing industry, the female cone-shaped fruits (hops) add an aromatic flavour to the beer as well as preservative qualities.

  • Plant is 0cm tall in a 7cm pot (it dies back to ground level for the winter!).
  • (Image by Andreas Rockstein)
  • The intended main use of this plant is to grow food for human consumption. We always recommend further research to learn the different ways in which the food source can be prepared and consumed.



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