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Laburnum anagyroides - Golden Chain


  • You can see a Ceanothus with dark blue flowers, planted together with the lovely Laburnum anagyroides on a British street. Flowering from May to June, the yellow, pea-like flowers cascade in clusters, adding vertical interest to your garden. The masses of scented, vibrant yellow flowers contrast beautifully against its dark green, pinnate foliage. The tree not only catches our eye, but the bees and the butterflies too. The Golden Chain is a low maintenance, versatile tree. It can thrive in any soil types and can be easily shaped. You can grow it as a specimen tree, or it can be easily trained onto an archway to create a spectacular golden walkway. This tree can also make the perfect compact pot plant that will be sure to add ornamental value to any outdoor space.

(Please note this plant is toxic if eaten)


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