Parrotia persica - Persian Ironwood

  • An unusual, small tree or large bush with stunning autumn coloration. This plant is ideal for; small gardens, in pot on a patio, as a bonsai or can be trained to a wall (they usually reach no more than 3-4m in ten years). This is a short-trunked tree, with bark resembling that of a London Plane. The older, darker bark exfoliates to reveal attractive pink, cinnamon, and yellow patches. Specimens are often maintained as large bushes, or as small trees at a height of 2-5m in the garden. The beauty of its rich autumn leaf colour (can be yellow as well as orange-purple) and attractive bark is simply unrivalled. Its autumn coloration is one of the latest, it starts in late October and lasts well for a month, often till the first snow as seen on 5th picture. Its small, reddish (practically only stamens), which hazel-like but shorter, the flowers appear on bare stems before spring growth. New growth is reddish purple, mature leaves are large, simple and with serrated margins. Fully hardy.

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