Quercus dentata - Japanese Emperor Oak

  • A rarely offered, majestic tree, growing up to 25m with a trunk diameter of up to 1m. Its main value is the large, beautifully shaped, leathery, downy leaves. Quercus dentata foliage is remarkable just from the size alone; its leaves are the largest in the oak species. You will see our specimens are now paper bag brown and persist all winter. The new growth in the Spring will push off the old leaves, creating a spring clean-up chore. The thick, undulate leaf will grow to nearly a foot long and 8 inches wide at the obovate, or widest, line. The acorns mature in September to October, developing in broad, bushy-scaled cups. Requires space but it is worth to try and as all Quercus, this one works too as a bonsai or as a patio plant.

Other common names:   Daimyo Oak
Native to:     Japan, China and Korea
Family:     Fagaceae (Beech Family)
Habit (UK conditions):  large tree
Max. size in 10 years:   15m x 4m
Main value:    large, leathery leaves
Flower colour:    orange to brown (leaves often remains on plant during winter)
Flowering period:   May
Autumn coloration:   yellow (not significant)
Preferences:    thrives on many types of soil on full sun but dislikes coastal location (slightly drought tolerant though)
Hardiness:    fully hardy in the UK and most of Europe
Is it toxic?    no
Is it edible?    seeds are edible but not consumed by humans

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