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Spectacular Spindle Collection

  • The Spectacular Spindle Collection is a true gem, adding superb vibrancy to your garden throughout Autumn. The collection contains one of each plant in a 7 or 8cm pot.

  • Euonymus alatus - Winged (dwarf) Spindle (20cm tall): - 

  • Even though Euonymus alatus reaches a height of only 1m, this Winged dwarf Spindle shrub is known to be one of the most stunning sights you will cast your eyes on during autumn. The whole foliage turns a beautiful pink/red in October, with its pink and red fruits hanging from the branches, offering an unparalleled focal point of any border or garden (it can be grown in a pot). 

  • Euonymus planipes - Flat-stalked Spindle (8cm tall) *NEW ARRIVAL* : - 

  • Lovely deciduous shrub with fantastic Autumn colours. The leaves turn a fiery red in October, complementing its hanging fruits beautifully, putting on a fantastic autumn display in the garden. Native in the Far East and Siberia, it is extremely hardy and one of the first plants coming into leaf (as early as February), from its long, pointed buds. Drought tolerant, thrives in full sun or a dappled shade. Can grow to a height of 2-3m.

  • Euonymus cornutus – Five Horned Spindle (8-10cm tall) : -

  • Another rarity from China. Euonymus cornutus is an elegant plant, with narrow almost grass-like leaves that produces masses of purple-green flowers in late Spring/ early Summer. The flowers are followed by 5 horned, large fruits, looking like swept back jesters hats revealing orange seeds, hence the name Five Horned Spindle. It prefers a fertile soil and partial shade. Fully hardy, and can also be kept in a large pot on the patio.

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